Principal Speech

Education is the desired change in the behavior of the individual, and literature is the carrier of culture and tradition. An ideal educational institution accelerates learning through spontaneous changes in student behavior, sharpens intelligence by developing creativity, and refines mindsets. Literary culture and mindfulness practices are indicative of the noble human mind. Through the practice of literature, the individual gets the opportunity to develop his latent creative talent. For eternity the literary man lives in his own glory.

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare passed away hundreds of years ago. But their writings are not so dirty today, the fruits of their literary practice still inspire the people of the world. Poets like Rabindranath Nazrul are still revered in the hearts of millions of Bengali speakers for their writings.Not everyone can be a great writer but only educated people want to express their feelings and thoughts in print. School anniversary is a unique opportunity for teachers and students to express their creative thoughts and feelings.
Sylhet Government Pilot High School Anniversary "Pravah-2023" is dedicated to the literary practice of young students. A student's small handwriting cannot be expected to have the full range of expression and language skills. But their writings will be a source of inspiration for the future. Those who write here are not established writers. Their writings may have failed to achieve excellence in industry standards but constant efforts will surely blossom and spread fragrance.

In everyone's heart, the hunger of the mind may not be satiated by the writings of these small writers. But encouraging their efforts, there is a special request to the readers to see all the mistakes with a forgiving eye. Congratulations to those whose sweat, hard work, talent and mind this anniversary has been published. Thanks also to those who enriched the anniversary with their greetings.If the natural ore beauty of the students' creations can give Nike even a splash of joy, then this labor will be worthwhile and this effort will be considered a success.

May every student become a successful and enlightened person.